"We Help Any Dog Under The Sun. All Dogs In Our Eyes Are Equal As One."

About Us

Who are we?

Walker’s Creek Rescue is a friendly, family run Organisation.

The rescue is based in Cambridgeshire and has successfully re-homed many dogs since it was founded. A majority of the dogs that we rescue and re-home, are unwanted pets or abandoned strays. We also save and help the dogs on Death Row, facing euthanasia. 

The average length of stay at WCR (Walker’s Creek Rescue) depends on the circumstances based on the individual. WCR has a non-destruction policy and never put an animal to sleep unless for physical or psychological health reasons. All animals are neutered (unless stated otherwise), micro-chipped, vaccinated, vet checked, flea treated and wormed. 

WCR receive no Government funding. We purely rely on the donations contributed towards the animals in our care. 
The aim of our rescue is to reduce the suffering and stress, by providing a safe refuge for the animals in our care.

A large part of our work involves rehabilitation for the unwanted animals until suitable adoptions can be found. 
We give advice to the general pet and animal owners or their families, who are unable to cope due to a change in their circumstances, for example, the absence of a family member, disablement or poverty.


Hi, I’m Lee and I thought I’d take a moment to Introduce myself to you.

I love life, and all things that make life interesting and Such as nature and the true honest qualities of Animals. Especially Dogs 🙂

Growing up, I’ve learnt allot from dogs. They helped to Keep me in touch with nature, and enjoy the company Of another living being.

This is my opportunity to give something back, in Honour of those who gave unconditionally.


Walker's Creek Rescue
Walker's Creek Rescue


Hello, I’m Claire and I thought I’d take a moment to pop online To Introduce myself.

I love my dogs and children. Life can be a challenge, but It’s Certainly worthwhile. This Is why I am passionate about the Dear souls that we save.

Every dog deserves that chance, so the Rescue was built with that in mind.