Walker's Creek Rescue how to adopt a dog

How to adopt a dog

It couldn’t be easier to rehome or adopt a dog from us.
Discover how you can find the dog that’s rights for you, and your family, in just five simple steps.

In our rehoming centres we have all sorts of dogs for all sorts of people. 
Each of our pups is unique and special – we’re sure you will find the one for you!

Step #1: Find a dog or puppy online

We have all kinds of dogs in our care, from puppies to seniors, miniature dogs to large, energetic dogs and a vast array of breeds from German shepherds to labradoodles to dachshunds. We have dogs who have been abandoned and dogs who have experienced cruelty – who have never known life in a loving, family home. Some may have been born in our care.

Either way, each of our dogs comes with a story, and a personality ready-made!

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