How To Get Your Dog To Love You

Dogs have for the longest time been considered man’s best friend, but it takes quite some time for this to completely fall into place. If you are trying to get close to a dog, then you need to learn some tactics.

Approaching a dog aggressively or forcing the animal to bend to your demands may cause problems in trying to get them to love you. Dogs highly rely on their instincts, and they will smell your intentions a mile away. That’s why it’s important to follow these steps on how to get your dog to love you.

Just like humans, relationships with dogs start gradually then develop into long-term relationships. If you are looking to form a long-term relationship with the four-legged pet then you may start with walking him two or three days a week.

This will give the dog a chance to know and get used to you. This way, you stop being a stranger and he will start warming up to you. This is actually a highly effective technique because dogs simply love the outdoors. Carrying toys and treats for you and your dog to play with raises your chances of success

2. Learn How to Pet the Dog

Dogs are usually easy going animals looking for fun and play. Any dog lover will tell you that dogs submit and love it when they are pet. There are some trigger spots that dogs especially love having tickled and rubbed. These include; behind the ears, belly, and top of the head.

The technique, in this case, is to gently rub the areas using the tip of your fingers and observe the dog’s reaction. Take your time with the rub, though. If the dog moves closer to you then this is an indication that he is enjoying the rub. If he moves his head or body away from you then take it to mean that he doesn’t enjoy being rubbed in that specific area. It could also mean that he isn’t in the mood so refrain.

Just like humans, dogs aren’t always in the mood for play. It is in your best interest that you learn how to read your dog’s moods and respect them. Forcing them to perform tricks or play when they are tired and looking to rest will make them resent you. This will strain your relationship.

Learn to observe their behavior and make a smart decision from the hints given. If they come to you with a toy, take it to mean that they want to play so go ahead. If they start rubbing against the door then it may mean that they want to go outside for a bathroom break.

If they rest their head on your lap then they may just be in the mood to hang out with you. Following the cues given by your dog will strengthen your relationship.

Your dog will offer you its utmost loyalty as its owner and it is only fair that you reciprocate this favor. Take the time to learn what your dog likes, and actually make the effort to be their best friend. Go for jogs or walks with them, watch the late night news after work with him, invite them to bed with you and even go camping with them.

This enables them to trust and strengthen their loyalty bond to you. It earns you their unconditional love. If another person comes into the picture, do not neglect the dog else the dog may resent this person and you as well. Try as much as possible to do the things that you used to when it was just the two of you.

Dogs are fun animals and their natural instincts make them the best companions. They will protect you in times of danger and offer complete companionship hence all the more reason to work towards earning their love. If you are looking to bring in a new dog, it is best that you opt for a puppy. Studies show that you stand to gain your dog’s love from a tender age as opposed to earning that on an older dog.

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7 Ways To Build Trust With Your Dog

Do you recall the memory of stepping in front of a dog to expect affection, yet they run away? In their eyes, you are a total stranger until they know that they can trust you. We’re much bigger than the average dog so the wrong approach can be frightening. Too much energy and they can shy away and even growl or bark at us. This is very important to understand and with that, here are some ways to get your dog to trust you.

7 Ways To Build Trust With Your Dog

Remain Completely Calm

First off, when approaching any dog for the first time, you need to remain calm. This can be a tough. You see the cutest dog and they look so happy, excited and they seem to be welcoming. On second thought, they don’t if you approach them improperly. We need to come in peacefully and once you have earned their trust, we can gradually pick up our energy.

Let Dogs Approach And Accept You First

Next on the list, as far as ways to get your dog to trust you, is to not approach dogs, but simply let them come to you. According to there are two hints that a dog gives when they are showing that they accept and trust you. The first is if they sit calmly by your side and allow you to pet them. The second is when they lick your hand after you extend it towards them. However, dogs can be dismissive if they don’t like your particular energy field. Don’t take it personal and it does not mean permanent dismissal. Depending on the dog, it may take some time for them to warm up to you.

Give The Shy Dogs Their Space

This, too, can be tough because we all love to pet, cuddle and play with our dogs. If you are still warming up to a new dog, or if your dog is very shy, they will appreciate their space. It may sound harsh, but you almost want it to seem as if you have to ignore them to do this properly. If you put yourself in a dog’s shoes, the entire environment that they’re in is new and they still need time to feel their way around and get comfortable.

Get Down On Your Dog’s Level

The fourth point of ways to get your dog to trust you is to approach them on their level. More specifically, you need to get as low as you can. Maybe even kneel to them. This approach is extremely effective because it’s less intrusive. According to you should never approach dogs from the front or the side standing tall. Again, we are much bigger than dogs and this can be very frightening to them. Approach the right way and you may even find that they’re eager to lick your face and accept you into their space.

Be Kind To Your Dog

There may be times when your dogs will do things that get them in trouble. If they pee or poop on the carpet, which is a big no no, you may be tempted to kick and hit them. Causing harm and pain to your dog is one sure way to lose their trust. From that point forward, you will scare them and they will think twice about letting you in their circle. Please use more humane ways of giving your dogs consequences, rather than causing pain.

Fairness For All Of Your Dogs

The last of the ways to get your dog to trust you is that you need to be fair. This applies to you especially if you have more than one dog. Dogs are very in tune with their senses and can comprehend situations just as well as humans can. According to: fairness is a big deal to dogs. No dog loves less attention than another dog. You don’t want jealousy circulating between dogs in your household.

And there you have it. 6 ways to get your dog to trust you. As you may know, trust is within the first stage of really bonding with a dog and experiencing their unconditional love on many heights. This stage must be passed before establishing a strong connection. Always keep in mind that you need to be on the same level as a dog and stay as calm as you can. One final tip, always use the back of your hand when attempting to touch and pet a dog. It is much less frightening than using an open hand with intentions to grab.

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Looking After Your Lifelong Companion

Walker's-Creek-RescueLooking after a pet is a lifelong responsibility. Well, perhaps not all of your life but if it is a dog then up to 18 years at least. While puppies are a lot of fun, and hard work for everyone, dogs bring a lot of joy too.

Pooches are among the most loyal of companions you are ever likely to come across, they will be there for you on dark and stormy nights, and there for you, just the same at 6 am in the morning when you are up early with no idea why you’re awake.

It takes more than food and water to keep a dog safe, so here are some tips to keep man’s best friend safe and happy.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, dogs are loving and loyal, and they don’t expect much but to get this back from their master will make them as happy as they can be. Show the patience when they are learning new skills, like sit and stay when they are small. Lots of fuss and affection.


Get active. There are hundreds of breeds, and some need much more physical activity than others, so hopefully, you choose a breed that works with the amount of walking and exercise that you like. Keeping them moving keeps them healthy. Playing in the yard, plus a walk is ideal for most dogs.

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What they eat is very important.

The odd biscuit or sweet isn’t good for them, even something small can have a significant impact on any breed. You should ensure that you stick to the portion that is best for the weight and size of the dog, that is fresh down every day and that if you do have treats that they are appropriate. Keep an eye on their water too, and it’s important to put down a fresh bowl of water every morning and evening – more on hot days. Victor dog food has a wide range of dog food for your pets overall health.

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Be sensible and spay or neuter your dog. Some dog owners think that even though they are will their dog all the time when a bitch is in heat and a dog is nearby it can be challenging to keep them apart. Not only that, but dogs who have been ‘fixed’ tend to live longer, and the males have less behavioral issues. This should be done within the first few weeks of you owning the dog but can be done at any time. Walker's-Creek-Rescue

Read up on your breed. Some breeds come with specific dog health problems, if you are knowledgeable on what might impact your dog, you can be vigilant for particular signs.

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Something that can serve your dog, and you, well for years to come is the correct training. One or two classes isn’t going to be enough for getting your dog interested in the exercise or into the habits that they can teach. Look for local levels that run for around 12 weeks in basic training and commands. This will help her you pooch get used to other dogs, other people and learn them to focus only on you – even with a lot of distractions.

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Get some insurance. When it comes to ill dogs, they can come with a lot of expensive issues. It is better that you have the correct insurances that can cover long-term illness, accidents, and even theft. When you first buy your puppy (from a reputable breeder) check what type of coverage they have for the parents and the company it is with.

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The right leash can keep you both safe. Some breeds love to run and will do so at every opportunity, even if you think they’re trained well enough not to. No matter how much you trust your dog, you cannot say for sure that it won’t chase a rabbit across a field, or spot another interesting dog, or just run out of your line of sight (even for a few seconds). The responsible thing here is to make sure you have the right harnesses, leash length, and where appropriate and extendable leash of the proper strength.

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This point somewhat ties in with the point above – make sure that your dog is wearing and easy to read identification tag. If you don’t have one, at the next opportunity go and buy one. In case your dog manages to escape or as above, runs too far when off the lead you’re going to want something easy to access for whoever finds your best friend.


Taking care of your dog in the long-term is about routine, rules, routine and a lot of love. In return, you’ll have a friend for life.